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Picnic on the Wallkill

2014_picniconthewalkill_web3This painting is 12×16, and is from a photograph that I took last fall in Ulster County, New York, along the picturesque Wallkill River. I was most interested in painting the late afternoon light, and the surface of the water (something I am concentrating on lately), trying to capture the lazy nature of the water’s flow, and the small eddies created by the exposed sediments in the shallow river. This work is not for sale.

Aspen Composition

Aspen CompositionThis is a painting that is similar to one I did in the past. I refer to photos of aspen leaves, but pretty much create a fantasy of yellow leaves, tree trunks and watercolor washes. It is a good way to loosen up. It measures 9×12.



Qwerty on Ladder
This post is from February 21st…I have taken a break from painting, though it wasn’t intentional. I think I have been distracted by a few things: raking leaves, shoveling snow repeatedly, playing with Qwerty ? No excuses. I am trying to get back into the brushes and pigments as things begin to melt here after a brutal winter. There is still at least a foot of snow on my roof and despite the temps in the 40s, it hasn’t yet budged. The birds outside are singing spring songs, so there is hope in the world…

A Walk in the “Gunks”

A Walk in the GunksFrom a photo taken in Minnewaska State Park this past autumn, this is a small study that I plan to paint much larger at some point. Originally painted on February 21st. The dimensions are 7×10.

Apple Crisp

Apple CrispFrom a photo taken in an Ulster County orchard last fall, this is another small work. By the way, if you have the chance to visit next fall, make sure you check out the “Snapdragon” apples, a sweet and crisp new variety not yet in the stores. You can find them at Dressel Farms in New Paltz, New York. Originally painted on February 25th, the dimensions are 6×9.


Mohonk Mountain HouseFrom a photo taken in at Mohonk Mountain House. I have always wanted to give this structure the “house portrait” treatment. It is quite a handful to do, but is like a long and intriguing crossword puzzle.You can’t take a single window for granted. This was finished on March 15th, and the dimensions are 11×17.

Just Getting Started

Robot Engagement

Robot Engagement


Greetings to those of you who are visiting for the first time. Please enjoy the blog. It is certainly a work in progress. I have spent the last week updating and I hope that you will visit and browse there as well. This is the latest work, “Robot Engagement”, which was done as a greeting card for my nieceĀ and her significant other. I referred to photos of robot toys to create this, then customized it according to the receiver.