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This is a very small acrylic that I did as a study, but as a result, I really like it and I don’t think that I will go any further with it. It is not very often that I work so loosely or so quickly.

A Long Way Off



This is an 8×10 acrylic from a photo I took in New Mexico, a long time ago. And this subject is infinitely easier to render with acrylics. I like this one so much I keep moving it around the house so that I can look at it.

“A Long Way Off” can be interpreted in a few ways. For one, the distance of the peaks, but for my own life, it implies how hard it is to actually physically be in a place like this. My paintings so often live through photos taken in some remote past.

Georgia Marsh

2014_georgiamarsh_webThis painting is 8 x 10, and is an acrylic, again. I painted this for a second time, from a photo, the first being a watercolor. In this case it was much easier to reach the color saturation that I wanted, though I am still getting my acrylic shoes back on, and I need a bit more training !

I have updated this work. The new version is on the bottom. The changes create a better balance. I added more detail to the foreground, and altered the ghostly tree so that it was less symmetrical.







Bridge to Sanity

2014_Bridge_to_sanity_webThis is an acrylic painting, 11×14. I am trying to make myself want to use watercolors by working hard at acrylics, which I am not used to. Certain subjects benefit from an opaque painting technique, though, and when I painted this initially, I made some awkward mistakes with regard to the structure of the bridge. I was able to fix this because the acrylic is opaque, but had this been watercolor, it would have been an entirely different story !

I like the feeling of this painting, the brightness on one side of the bridge and the darkness on the other. Bridge and road paintings always give you the feeling of embarking on a journey, in this case, to someplace nice…hence a “Bridge to Sanity”.

American Cruise Lines – Chesapeake Bay Cruise

2014_glory_underway_webDave and I were on vacation last week, so I had the opportunity to paint in unusual circumstances, as well as picturesque settings. The first painting is on the top deck of the American Glory. I was able to find a slice of shade to hunker down into, and since we had fair weather and the course of the ship seemed to be in a straight line, I took on a rather complex composition of intersecting shadows and lines, all anchored (excuse the pun) by the massive smokestack and beyond, the horizon of the beautiful Chesapeake. Thankfully, the cocktail hour beckoned, and I put down my brushes before ruining this work by filling in the white of the paper. This is my favorite of the several paintings that I accomplished this week, and truly expresses the enjoyment that I had on board the American Glory.




2014_yorktown_houses_webThis next work  was painted in Yorktown, at the end of a hot day, whilst once more on the top deck. It was Memorial Day weekend, and what you don’t see is all of the people on the small crescent beaches that line the waterfront here. It was quite a busy place, and a fun place to observe from my perch above everyone, completely unnoticed. This subject matter is easy for me, and I often return to paint houses not only for profit, but fun, too !



2014_crisfield_marshes_webThis painting is of the brackish water and the islands and marshes supported by it, just off of Crisfield, Maryland. A somewhat looser and simpler composition than the others, and one in which I tried to push the colors to perhaps a more saturated level than they actually were, to match the level of feelings that I was experiencing while enjoying the view, watching bald eagles in the distance, and fisherman coming and going.



2014_american_glory_webThis is the American Glory, the only painting for which I cheated, by referring to a photo that I had taken from shore. I worked on this painting on and off for a few days, and found that I really had to concentrate on the lines and curves such that this lovely little ship was rendered semi-accurately. It does look like one of my house portraits !




2014_cambridge_md_webThe last painting is from Cambridge, Maryland, of a reconstructed “Screw Pile” lighthouse, as was historically the style favored in the Chesapeake. In the distance are some of my shipmates, out on a skipjack sail. This painting was a toughie, as I was trying to fit a lot of detail on a small piece of paper !