Monthly Archives: August 2014

Ocean Grove Fishing Pier

2014og_fishingpier_web“Ocean Grove Fishing Pier” is a 15″x21″ labor of love. The pier was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, but still attracts a crowd on a sunny day. I worked from a photo, so as to capture the various poses of my unknowing models, and to avoid the inevitable sunburn. This one took a lot of time to paint the details, but I like the way it turned out, in it’s jumble of activity. I need to update the scan as this one has too much contrast. NA

On A Foggy Day

2014_On_A_Foggy_Day_webI painted this in July, but I haven’t gotten around to posting. Too busy in the garden, trying to harvest the tomatoes before the squirrels do ! This watercolor is  7″x12″. I worked from an old photo that was taken on a windjammer cruise in the Penobscot Bay, on the schooner “Mary Day”. We saw so much fog, we called it the “Foggy Day” ! NA