Monthly Archives: October 2014

Clam Cove, Rockport, Maine

2014_clamcove_rockport_smAnother small painting done from the balcony of our motel room at Strawberry Hill. What a great view, in fog, in clear weather, with vibrant autumn hues. While I was painting I observed a Bald Eagle fishing int the cove, as well as Bufflehead ducks.

Near Seawall, Acadia National Park

2014_seawall_smThis painting is a small study done in Maine. Seawall is a beach made of stone cobbles, thrown up by storm waves. A road is actually build upon this wall, and another storm can actually cover the blacktop with more cobbles. It is a great place to see all kinds of rocks, but beware, it is illegal to carry any of them away with you !

Ocean Grove Tent Cottages

2014_og_tenthouses1_smA plein air painting, about 9×12, done on a very hot day in early September, right behind the Grand Auditorium in Ocean Grove. It was a shady spot, and it was fun to sit and paint as the various people in the tent community were packing up for the season and saying goodbye to their neighbors. Each tent’s renter tends to decorate in his own fashion, so it is fun to explore the area, and it is very photogenic. I think that this painting shows a bit of enjoyment of the moment.

Leaving the Cliff

2014_tumbledrocks_smAnother plein air painting done at Mohonk, on September 27th. This is a favorite place of mine, at the bottom of the garden, right near the access road off the Bruin Path. In the summer you will interrupt deer snoozing here, but you hardly ever find another person (which is why I like it). Without much effort, you can find yourself communing with the conglomerate cliffs. SOLD.




Mohonk Fantasy

2014_mohonkfantasy_smThis is a small plein air painting done from the balcony of my room at Mohonk. The place provides never ending views to inspire the artist, even when he or she is just trying to sit and rest and rock.