Monthly Archives: January 2015

Autumn in Acadia

2015web_oceandriveoctober_smFrom a photo, this 9 x 12 painting would appear to be much larger. I have been working much smaller than I used to with my arthritic hands. I loved the bright red splash amidst the misty background and dark evergreens. This is one of my favorite vistas in the whole world, on the Ocean Drive, soon after the curve after Sand Beach. It is a hard place to stop and park your car, but well worth it. These are also my favorite rocks in the world.

Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossoms

2015web_branchbrookpark_smThis is a small 7 x 10 painting, done from a photo that I took last year in Branch Brook Park in Newark, at the height of the cherry blossom season. It was a beautiful day, and this particular avenue at the northern end of the park, was crowded with all sorts of people out for the afternoon, slowly ambling along…looking up ! I think that I was going for a pastoral feeling, but primarily I like the contrast between the strength and linear quality of the bridge, versus the lightness and randomness of the blossoms.

Afternoon at the Beach

2015web_dayatthebeach_smThis 9 x 12 watercolor comes from a photo that I took last summer. I couldn’t believe the luck I had in having this composition placed right in front of me whilst I had my camera. There is a lot of detail, and someday, maybe I should try to paint this more loosely, but for now I am happy with the result of all of the complicated angles provided by the bikes, railings and the boardwalk. Of course, painting this on such a cold January day was wishful thinking !

Clam Cove 2

2015web-clamcove2_smThis is a small work, 9 x 12, and is painted from a photo that I took in Rockport, Maine this past autumn. A lovely little beach with some fantastic rocks that are heavily layered and smoothed, then turned on their sides.

Aspen Asymmetry

2015web_aspenasymmetry_smHappy New Year ! I know that it has been awhile since I have posted any new work, so this is a good start.  I have painted two other works similar to this, but each one taps more and more into my imagination, which is rare for me ! I is a 12 x 16 and is spoken for. I think that what works nicely is the balance of fine detail next to areas of washes and abstraction. Enjoy…  SOLD