Monthly Archives: March 2015

Dumpster Diving

2015_dumpsterdiving_webThis is a very complicated work measuring about 9 x 16. My photo reference was provided by a friend of mine whose house had suffered a fire last summer, after a rain storm and and electrical line came down on the house. Hence a dumpster full of ruined remnants. The complexity of the photo intrigued me, and hence the painting fits into my “industrial” series. In this particular case, the viewer is asked to look at a subject, a slice of life, that he will recognize to some degree, and decide if it is a pile of ordinary stuff, or a beautiful and intricate composition.

This painting has been sold.

Bar Island Sunrise, Acadia NP

2015_barislandsunrise_webFrom a photo, this 9 x 12 watercolor was an experiment in washes. I don’t always paint like a typical watercolorist, treating the paint more like an opaque acrylic, so I have to work at washes (unlike my dad who was quite the expert!). In this one, I think that the sky worked very well, and the key was to soak the paper first, and wait for just the right time to add the pigments. You can do this by dabbing in the paint and seeing if it is too diluted. When it is right, the wash colors will bloom on the paper, and the most important thing at this point is to work very quickly. Then wait until the wash had dried ( or use a hairdryer) ¬†before you paint in any additional layers. ¬†SOLD

Grape Leaves at Harvest

2015web_grapeleavesThis painting was done on the fly as a gift. Painted the same day that I wrapped it up and delivered it ! I haven’t painted many botanicals lately, so this was a nice beginning.