Monthly Archives: June 2015

New England Islands Cruise on the Glory

2015_blockisland_webThis is the first painting done on our cruise. It was a foggy and rainy day, and I referred to the view from my window and the photo that I had taken, to get more detail.  This is a tiny painting, about 4 x 9, and is done very loosely. It was painted with my limited travel watercolor box.



2015_mv_webThis second painting was done in the rain, from my room on the third deck, looking out onto the harbor at Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard. It is about 6 x 10, and entails a lot of detail, which is fun to render, especially when one is trapped in her room on a rainy day.



2015_squibnocket_webThe third painting was done while at sea, travelling to our next port of call, and I referred to an image on my camera’s display. It is of Squibnocket Beach in Marth’a Vineyard. Love this painting, but alas, like all of these paintings, they were given away to my fellow shipmates, who will all appreciate them so much longer than I could. However, I will paint this view again.


2015_fairhaven_webLastly, a view from New Bedford of Fairhaven, from my window again. How many church steeples can you insert into one town ? This is an interesting mix of shapes, and of the old and the new, with the inclusion of the modern windmills, which I hemmed and hawed about leaving in the picture.

None of these watercolors are available for sale.