Monthly Archives: February 2016

New York from the East River

2016east river2_webThis a 12 x 16 watercolor that I painted from a photo that I shot last spring from a small cruise ship headed to New England.  Lots of details here, including a breezy cloud pattern which to me, reflects the energy of New York City. Nothing like the place, and the city did me a lot of good in the years that I lived there. Look closely…you will recognize something ! NA

Murder One

2016murderone_webThis painting is about a 5 x 10, and was composed of several photos that I took out my window, of my “murder” of crows. Actually there is a family of three that has gotten very used to me and come to the back yard for a spare peanut or two. I think I would like to paint this in a more abstract manner, and much larger !

Verona Park Snow

2016_veronaparksnow2016webThis is actually the first painting that I have done in 2016. I could have titled this “If You Can’t Beat’ Em…Join ‘Em”, given my current love/hate relationship with snow.veronaparksnow I shot the photo on the bottom last week, and processed it with a couple of filters. The painting, however, represents more accurately the glare coming straight at me through the trees. This is a 12 x 16. And what do you know. Just heard another three inches is on the way for tomorrow. Oh boy…NA

Out of the Toolbox

2016_outofthetoolboxwebHappy Belated New Year ! This work was actually created in November, but it has taken me a long while to get back into painting after illness and the loss of Qwerty, my avian companion. I actually purchased these tools from a neighbor at a yard sale. They were so beautiful, I could not resist painting them. This is about a 9 x 12.