Monthly Archives: March 2016


2016_recycling_webA 9 x 12 from a photo taken in the Colorado Rockies, at Sprague Lake. I remember it being windy, so I tried to paint this one very quickly to gain a sense of what it would have been like to paint this “Plein Air”. Initially there was a foreground of reeds that stunted the composition. I washed them out and continued painting the lake’s water to the foreground, and breathed a sigh of relief. I like this much better. I also spent a great deal of time on rendering the roughness of the decaying tree trunk, and I will admit it…I used a lot of opaque here, as well as in the cover-up of the reeds !

Broken Glass

2016_brokenglass_webWhile I was doing the dishes, I broke this glass, but saved the pieces, because it had actually broken neatly while nested in another glass bowl. How convenient. So I saved the pieces and took some photos because the edges looked so interesting. It is no longer half empty, not half full, but has served it’s purpose well ! This is small, 8 x 11.

Springtime Blossoms

2016_springblossoms_webThis is from a photo, as I anticipate the arrival of spring. It is a bit busier than I wanted it to be, but it gives you the idea of being smothered by the blossoms, their scent, and the buzzing of honeybees busy at work. Approx. 12 x 18. NA