Monthly Archives: April 2016

Right Where You Left Them

2016_rightwhereyouleftthem_webI saw this very personal composition sitting in front of me and realized that I had to paint it ! The only thing that is missing is the car keys, and that is only because I couldn’t find them.  I paid a great deal of attention to the details and textures of the items in this painting, either because they are favorites of mine, or because I couldn’t get through the day without them. This is a medium 14″ x 20″. I hope that you enjoy it.

Saturday Morning

2016_saturdaymorning2_webThis watercolor was painted from a photo that I took, which used a flash, and created a look of stark outlines and a lot of detail in the background. I decided to try and push the graphic quality of my reference photo, to create an almost print-like quality, unlike my normal style. To do this I added a lot of detail, painted the flowers in a flat and colorful manner, and ignored my tendency to create natural light. I like the result of this approximately 14 x 16 painting.