Monthly Archives: August 2016

What a Fine Mess

2016_whatafinemessThis 14 x 18 watercolor has taken me a long time to complete, but it is soooo hot outside, it is good to have an excuse to stay inside in the AC. I referred here to a photo that I took at the Mohonk Barn Museum, of a bunch of rusted and dusty artifacts from the resort’s “Iron Age”.  It is all true to color except the hand truck in the foreground, which was also a dusty burnt siena like the rest of the items in the composition. To make it pop, I decided to paint it red, as it really is the “ironic” balance for the rest of the painting: it looks like it is posed to begin hauling away the accumulation, and it is not certain that it is up to the task !

This is my typical palette for one of these complex compositions, a balance of burnt siena and cobalt blue with a bit of raw umber thrown in, and in this case, some alizarin crimson and vermilion to enhance the rust.

Rock Versus Tree

2016web_rockversustreeA 9 x 12 watercolor from a photo that I took on the trail at Mohonk Mountain House, approaching Cope’s Lookout. I thought I might title it “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, but I will keep that one in mind for another painting ! What is most interesting in this painting is the cool darks in the foreground, leading to an appealingly bright background in the distance.

Sunset Over the Catskills

2016web_sunsetovercatsThis is a small painting, really a study for something larger that I think should actually be an acrylic. It was a fantastic evening as the sun set after a storm had passed a couple weeks ago at Mohonk Mountain House. This from a photo,

Towards Sand Beach, Acadia NP

2016web_towardssandbeachacadiaThis 14 x 18 watercolor is from a photo that I took a couple of years ago, in preparation for the real thing this fall. Perhaps I got a little too deeply into detail, but I WANTED TO PAINT EVERY SINGLE ROCK ! NA