Monthly Archives: October 2016

Hadley Point

web2016_hadleypoint_smOur stay in Hadley Point on Mt. Desert Island in Maine was unique in that I had not previously seen all of the submerged boulders at low tide that reside in Frenchman’s Bay nearing the Narrows. You don’t see them at high tide, but suddenly they become exposed and their numbers grow as the tide recedes. They appear as┬áthe backs of hippopotamus or water buffalo …but really, I think they are glacial erratics. A fun scene, which I will be painting again !

Rockland, Maine Sunrise

web2016_rockportsunriseThis small plein air watercolor was finished by 8:30 in the morning, from the balcony of our motel room. How convenient to have this view, which I have painted before, and unhappily lost the painting. (See October 2014 post).The sunrise was quite vivid before I began, and as if faded, I tried to quickly catch up before it disappeared entirely !


Bay at Dusk

web2016_bayatdusk_smA 9 x 12 watercolor done in Maine at Hadley Point on a very calm and heady night filled with undulating reflections and the call of loons across the water. It is very similar to a lithograph that I did in college, and if I can ever find it, I will try to post it !

Sewell House Portrait

web72_orionwawebyThis painting was done as a surprise gift for a high school classmate. Note the addition of a cat and a dog and three girls playing on the lawn, all adding both  meaning and visual interest to the subject. NA