Monthly Archives: August 2017

Bob’s Toolbox

An experiment from a photo of a Facebook as well as childhood friend from Riverton Public School, of his dad’s old toolbox. I liked the picture that I worked from (especially Bob’s foot in the lower left), but it had little definition, so I had to extrapolate and make creative additions for this to work. Watercolor alone would not work, so I decided to do a line drawing in an almost cartoon style with a Sharpie pen, and then add color it in afterwords, keeping it light and fun ! NA

Sleepy Shelby

From a photo from a friend of beloved Shelby. Touch to keep the sensitivity when painting animals, but I like this one. There is no black pigment in this painting, which is normal for me. I imagine Shelby dreaming of that oversize tennis ball…NA

Blue Harbor

A painting from a slide that I recently scanned that I think I took in the 1970s. I took a lot of liberty from the slide, which had degraded color, but great composition. So I painted the work in a monochromatic manner, faithful to the shapes of the boat and pier, but inventing the distant mountain landscape. Interesting thing about this painting is that I think I would like to cut it in half, and get rid of everything on the right side, making it a more interesting vertical composition. I painted this in July, and it is approximately a 12 x 18.

Mohonk Rocker

From a brief visit to Mohonk, the always appealing symbol of leisure is symbolic of the place at the end of the day, especially with some tea and cookies. 8 x 10.

Great Falls, Paterson, NJ

From a photo taken on a beautiful day by the falls this past spring. It is a must see spot in the middle of an urban setting. I once painted this view in the snow, but this painting appeals to me because of the contrast of the water and the solid rock over which it falls. It is a typical color scheme for me, the cool blues complemented by the warm browns.

Azalea and Dogwood

A quick study from flowers in May in my front yard. Not sure I like the pink, which is a near impossible color to match with nature, but the dogwood blossom lends itself to watercolor nicely !  NA

Daffodil Chorus

From a photo that I took, a snip from hundreds of daffodils that were planted along the property line of a generous Montclair native. I paint daffs almost every year, and I think that I am getting better at them. The most important part is to keep the white of the paper as much as possible. This piece is about 12 x 16. NA